avenir vert

Avenir Vert; Sustainable Fashion est. 2019

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Timeless shades of green; this is the idea behind Avenir Vert. Vintage fashion reinstated in contemporary style. This simple concept goes far beyond a fashion statement, as each item is hand picked by a girl who loves nothing more than participating in efforts to preserve the environment, one second hand purchase at a time.  

It is often asked how shopping for vintage clothing can facilitate in positive environmental efforts, and simply put; second hand fashion is essentially recycling in style.

The name Avenir Vert comes from a few different special places of meaning. The French language is implicated in ode to the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Additionally the literal translation of the name meaning "Green Future" is pretty self explanatory; the manifestation of an ecologically focused future. 

Although this started as a project assigned for school credit, I quickly fell in love with the concept and have worked tirelessly to create a site that embodies my message and passion. I hope you find value in the quirky vintage clothing pieces I have decided to share here, and I am endlessly grateful for the time you have taken to visit.


Thank you, and Namaste.


 - Olivia