avenir vert

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Timeless Shades of Green

This is the idea behind Avenir Vert. Sustainability expressed through classic, timeless fashion. Avenir Vert strives to provide women with clothing that uplifts confidence, enhances beauty, and embraces femininity, all while maintaining a commitment to bettering the environment. 

Our Commitment

Avenir Vert is the product of a unique approach to sustainability. The brand was built upon a desire to combine environmentalist efforts with chic, wearable fashion. Each piece of Avenir Vert clothing was designed and created by hard-working women in an ethical setting. Our clothing is made from fabrics predominantly sourced from eco-textile companies, or made from deadstock fabric that would otherwise become landfill.


When you shop Avenir Vert, you are casting a vote for the future of the environment, for women, and for yourself. Avenir Vert was created for women who don't want to sacrifice style for sustainability. We welcome you to a movement much bigger than clothing, a movement that directly impacts our planet, our lives, and our future.