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 Repurposed, Reworked, Reloved

Our Philosophy

Redefining circular fashion for a green future.

By utilizing existing clothing and fabrics, Avenir Vert's focus began with the environmental sustainability inherent to reworked vintage clothing. Avenir Vert is a collection of both ready-to-ship and custom-made pieces, all one of a kind, upcycled from vintage materials. Avenir Vert strives to provide clothing that enhances beauty and embraces femininity, all while maintaining an unyielding commitment to the environment. 

Avenir Vert was created for those who do not want to sacrifice sustainability for style and uniqueness. We welcome you to a movement much bigger than clothing; a movement that directly impacts our planet, our lives, and our future.

Upcycled for the planet, handmade for you.

avenir vert

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